From the source, to you ... Delfino Marketing.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)  From the source, to you ... our firm works diligently to serve your needs in several capacities. Our goal ... to meet your needs in a timely fashion with quality products.Our highly trained associates will provide results in this ever changing industry.

From the source, to you ... Delfino Marketing.

  Sales Agent - As your Sales Agent, our team can move your produce to all major markets throughout the United States. Market prices and competitive service fees contribute to a profitable return with Delfino Marketing on your team!

  Professional Distributor - Delfino Pride™ Sunray Sweet™                               ( Each are Registered Brand Labels exclusive to Delfino Marketing, Inc.)

  Importer / Exporter - As a representative of both small and large growers, Delfino Marketing has earned the reputation of "Integrity in Business". Customers who meet all our standards and criteria are constantly looking to us to bring new ideas and products to the Produce Industry.

  Dedicated Broker - To help serve our customers with year round service on some items, Delfino Marketing also acts as a broker. Shopping all major growing areas for the best quality and value available provides our customers with increased profits.

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